Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Short takes on DB2 resources, IBM PureSystems, IDAA, Destination z and IBM Tape turning 60

It's been a while since I had some short takes. Sometimes I'm making a bookmark thinking 'I'm going to blog about this'. But then, it's often too short, too little, just a link, but still, interesting enough to mention. So here we go.
  • Susan Visser (also on Twitter as @susvis) writes an excellent blog on DB2 resources. The focus : "Build your Skill on Information Management : books, certifications, tutorials, and more". And here's an very interesting post on Skills Resources for DB2 for z/OS Enthusiasts containing magazines, books, eBooks, Twitter, Redbooks, blogs, events, certification material, communities . . .  
  • Just some pictures this one : Roger Luethy with his Storage CH Blog directs us towards a peek inside the new IBM PureApplication System. Go have a look over here and . . . watch your step !
  • On a somewhat more serious note is a blog post on Dancing Dinosaur about the relation between the newly announced PureSystems and zEnterprise : 'PureSystems Joins zEnterprise Hybrid Family'. When to use zBX, when to use PureSystems, how are they related, do I not end up with 2 separated hybrid worlds, indeed all very interesting questions that Alan Radding is trying to answer. Just one small quote : "Looking ahead, IBM already is planning zBX support for the next generation z and promises to more tightly integrate the zEnterprise with PureSystems".
  • What about IDAA ? Well, Willie Favero blogs about enhancements to the IDAA (IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator) in this post. The enhancements are due for this summer and they are quite interesting : IDAA will e.g. be updated to allow an incremental update. Now I find that great news since "this also means that the data in the Accelerator can be continuously updated, giving queries an almost real time copy of the data". Also the capacity of the IDAA is raised from 128TB up to 1.280TB. you can find more information over here in an article of Alan Meyer in the IBM Data Management Magazine.
  • I mentioned the tips and techniques contest on the Destination z site earlier. Well, here are the finalists. Have a look at them and decide which one is your favourite. Then go over to the voting page where you can cast your vote until next Friday. You should do it, because for the moment it's a head to head race between two of the contestants. You might cast the decisive vote.
  • Last but not least we have a special anniversary this month : IBM tape has turned 60 ! Here's a brief history of it. Or you can have a look at several storage blogs or at the IBM site itself. To me the titles up there summarize it very well : "Tape is an essential component of today’s storage infrastructure" and "60 years of innovation – and counting".
    I still know what was the first tape I ever came across in my career, about 25 years ago. You know why : I kept one of those when they disposed of them in favour of some shiny, brand new 3480s. So here it is ! (I'm not even sure it's IBM material. Anyone ?).
    So, happy anniversary to IBM tape !

And . . . as I always say, do check them out !

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