Monday, July 2, 2012

Red Alert : JES2 Potential Loss of Spool data on z/OS 1.11 and 1.12

Here's a new Red Alert:

JES2 Potential Loss of Spool data on z/OS 1.11 and 1.12

The fix for APAR OA36256 (RSU1112 PTFs UA61942, UA61943 UA61944 on HJE7760, HJE7770, and HJE7780 respectively) widened a timing window during JES2 initialization processing such that an initializing JES2 member may not obtain the correct status of other multi-access spool (MAS) members. As a result, this system's view of a spool volume may differ from the rest of the MAS. Consequently, later HALTING or DRAINING actions against the spool volume may result in incomplete cleanup.

PE APAR OA39737 will address the timing window and ensure the initializing member has the most accurate status of the MAS during initialization. In addition, APAR OA38016 will address spool errors caused by the timing window that may result in potential loss of spool data. These types of spool errors are already corrected in z/OS 1.13.

Please see OA39737 and OA38016 for more details or updates.

Recommended Actions:
  • If PTF for OA36256 is applied, please avoid putting a spool volume into DRAINING or HALTING state. New volumes can be added or started without exposure.
  • If a Spool Drain or Halt must be done, Level 2 can check dumps of JES2 to determine if the spool volume is exposed.
  • If OA36256 is applied and a spool volume is already in DRAINING or HALTING state, please remove OA36256 and then (rolling) WARM start each JES2 member.

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