Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The new zEnterprise EC12 - a Highly Secure System for Cloud Computing and Enterprise Data

I've already mentioned that today there'll be a virtual event announcing the next generation of zEnterprise. For the moment the official announcements are not yet available, but I can already show you how the new systems looks like :

As you can see : different than before. You can find the picture along with the press release over here at the IBM Press Room. The press release is of course a more strategic introduction to the system. You can however already find some technical details on capacity, memory usage, the new Flash Express and IBM zAware, security . . .

There's also an introductory video on youtube about the new system :

You can still register for the virtual event over here and of course, as soon as the official announcements are available, I'll come back with all the technical details about the new system.

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Patrick Loftus said...

Couple of draft redbooks with some information: