Wednesday, August 22, 2012

zEnterprise The Next Generation : Smart, Secure and Efficient

Do you remember my last post before my holidays telling you there was no big System z announcement as we had the two previous years with zEnterprise (z196, zBX and zManager) in 2010 and the z114 in 2011. Well, something seems to be moving faster than I had expected. IBM just spread the news about the introduction of "the next generation of zEnterprise, the world’s fastest, most scalable and secure enterprise system with the ability to integrate resources for operational analytics, trusted resilience, and efficiency at an enterprise scale".

I'm quoting from the introductory text for the Webcast that will be held next Tuesday August 28 at 10.45 am EDT (which is 16.45h in Brussels). Do register for this event over here. There are sessions on the importance and relevance of this new system, there's a general announcement overview and there are some customer testimonials. What about the technical side ? Jeff Frey (IBM Fellow and CTO System z Platform) gives a "technical overview and inside look at the enhanced features and functions of the new zEnterprise including :
    • Improved processor and total system capacity performance
    • Continued support of multi-platform design
    • z Architecture enhancement in support of new workloads
    • Smarter monitoring and improved problem diagnosis"
Here's also a short introduction video from youtube

So, if you don't want to miss this introduction, just register now !

And if you want to find out more about it afterwards, well you know where to find that one blog post telling you everything about all the technical details, don't you ?

By the way : Enterprise, Next Generation, a site starting with the word 'engage', could it be a trekkie was involved in setting up this site ?

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