Monday, November 5, 2012

Redbook : IBM zEnterprise EC12 Configuration Setup

I already mentioned the usual Redbooks when a new system is announced. For the zEC12 this was the IBM zEnterprise EC12 Technical Introduction and the IBM zEnterprise EC12 Technical Guide. But there's a lesser known third one that's been getting published since the z10 EC for the Enterprise Class systems. The new one for the zEC12 is : IBM zEnterprise EC12 Configuration Setup.

I mention it as it's easily overlooked because, unlike the others, it usually appears somewhat after the announcement date of the system. What's its content ? Well, let me just quote the introductory summary.
"This IBM Redbooks publication helps you install, configure, and maintain the IBM zEnterprise EC12 server. The zEC12 offers new functions that require a comprehensive understanding of the available configuration options. This book presents configuration setup scenarios, and discusses implementation examples in detail.
This book is intended for systems engineers, hardware planners, and anyone who needs to understand IBM System z configuration and implementation. Readers should be generally familiar with current IBM System z technology and terminology."
Just take a look at the different chapters and you'll see that it's surely worth a look when you'll be installing a zEC12.
Chapter 1. Channel Subsystem
Chapter 2. Configuration Planning
Chapter 3. I/O Autoconfiguration on IBM zEnterprise EC12 processors
Chapter 4. Upgrading from an IBM System IBM zEnterprise 196 to an IBM zEnterprise EC12
Chapter 5. Replacing an IBM System z10 EC/z196 with an IBM zEnterprise EC12
Chapter 6. Installing a new IBM zEnterprise EC12
Chapter 7. Installing an additional IBM zEnterprise EC12
Chapter 8. Server Time Protocol Setup
Chapter 9. Crypto Express4S Configuration
Chapter 10. Reserved logical partitions
Chapter 11. Preparing the IBM zEnterprise EC12 for the zEnterprise BladeCenter® Extension (zBX)Model 003
Next to that I'd also like to mention that the inevitable IBM System z Connectivity Handbook has also been updated for the zEC12.

As I always say, just check them out !
And you know what, if it comes down to reading a good Redbook : you're not alone.

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