Wednesday, October 31, 2012

IBM Linux on System z Cloud Test Drive

I could tell you a lot about Cloud on System z. When I walk through some IBM presentations, they tell me that a U.S. Bank reduced provisioning time from 45 days to 20 minutes or that there's 79% less TCA vs. leading public cloud or that IBM System z represents both the lowest TCO coupled with industry leading Qualities of Service for deploying private and/or hybrid clouds. Conclusion : "with solutions from Tivoli to automate provisioning and provide broad spectrum of key cloud capabilities, the time is now to start deploying your cloud on System z".

I know, lots of theory and I hardly dare saying it 'marketing talk'. But suppose that you could really take a test drive that offers you
  • A free hands on experience using Cloud and Linux on IBM System z powered by z/VM for virtualization, Tivoli Provisioning Manager (TPM) for deployment, and a selection of 5 system images based on SUSE or Red Hat.
  • With server images that will provide application server function (WebSphere) and database capabilities (DB2 or Oracle)
  • Simple remote access over the internet to IBM Systems in Maryland
  • Guided exercises for training, then up to 90 days of free access to up to 3 Linux servers running under z/VM
Well you can, it's available now ànd it's free.

You can experience Cloud on System z in different roles. You can access a user self service interface sample application remotely from office or home and deploy, operate, and delete up to three Linux on System z virtual guests. As an administrator you have hands on access to Tivoli Provisioning Manager (TPM) screens.

If you're interested you can apply via your IBM or BP representative or you can contact Mich Green at IBM. You'll see his e-mail address at the end of the terrific demo on Youtube he gives about this offering.

By the way : this is a worldwide offering.

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