Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Distributed Energy - The Journal of Energy Efficiency & Reliability

People who know me a bit will probably raise their eyebrows at this title. If there is something I know absolutely nothing about, it's about electricity. When at a Solution Assurance (or should I say TDA) it comes to 220V or 380V, DC or AC, 16A or 32A, I'm at a total loss desperately looking around for any help I can get. It must be some kind of switch (no pun intended) in my head that's immediately turned off when it comes to electricity.

But hey, this is about Energy. And I have a slight suspicion that's not exactly the same. So, I first stumbled across this Distributed Energy Journal in 2009 when it published an article about 'The Green Machine', with the subtitle 'IBM unveils the “most technologically advanced, energy-efficient” data center ever constructed'. I think it's still an interesting read.

So I kept following the periodical and from time to time it published some articles on the building of Data Centers and Energy Efficiency when doing so. Because I know that practically all companies are interested in this matter (money, money in times of crisis) and I doubt a lot of IT people know this journal I guess it might be an interesting introduction for some of you.

The latest November-December issue has an article called 'Supersize IT' writing on how "huge data centers' surging demands are met with innovative power solutions". it gives lots of examples of new data centers and how they are trying to handle energy as efficiently as possible. Yes, I know, I'm starting to sound a bit vague here, but you know why. So all you data center specialists, just head over there and read all the good stuff. And yes, the question whether DC is a better alternative is also discussed.

There, I should go into politics. I can fill a whole page delivering a valuable message without having a clue what I'm talking about. Sort of.

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