Wednesday, December 19, 2012

IBM zAware information

IBM zAware was introduced together with the zEC12. You can find my introduction to it over here. Let me fresh up your mind with this little picture. More info in my previous post.

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But that was just an introduction leaving people with lots of questions. So I'm glad I can refer to some additional information through a couple of blog posts by the real subject matter specialists.

Have a look at the IBM Mainframe Insights blog. There was a series of  4 articles on IBM zAware which is definitely worth your attention. The first one 'The Journey of IBM zAware' tells us how the idea for IBM zAware originated and how it was developed. The content of the second one 'zAware Installation and Start up' is pretty obvious as it tells you which steps to take to setup and activate the IBM zAware partition. The third one aswers the 'Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About IBM zAware'. And the last one is actually an 'IBM zAware Demo'. It's a 15 minute demo on Youtube demonstrating the GUI. Oh well, I might as well include it here too.

Don't forget : there's also a Redbook on zAware : 'Extending z/OS System Management Functions with IBM zAware' which has the following content :
  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. z/OS System Management Functions
  • Chapter 3. Planning for IBM zAware
  • Chapter 4. IBM zAware Installation
  • Chapter 5. Maintaining and Managing IBM zAware
  • Chapter 6. Integration with other products
  • Appendix A. Syslog Message Analysis Program
  • Appendix B. Activating TCP/IP AT-TLS
  • Appendix C. Using automation to monitor IBM zAware connections
  • Appendix D. Problem determination sample
An just to be complete : there's also an 'IBM System z Advanced Workload Analysis Reporter (IBM zAware) Guide (SC27-2623-00)'.

Combining all this information, you'll be pretty well on your way to become a real IBM zAware specialist.

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