Tuesday, February 5, 2013

IBM Announcement : Preview z/VM 6.3

Today IBM is launching a preview for their operating systems. Let's first have a look at z/VM : 'Preview: IBM z/VM 6.3 - Smarter Computing with efficiency at scale (ZP13-0027)'.

The highlights ?

"To address pressure on memory resources, z/VM V6.3 supports 1 TB of real memory, which may increase server consolidation ratios and continues to provide support for more virtual servers than any other platform in a single footprint".

"To address your increasing workload demands for processor cycles and for quicker access to memory, z/VM V6.3 delivers HiperDispatch function that can improve workload throughput by optimizing processor cache utilization. HiperDispatch attempts to redispatch a virtual server repeatedly on the same physical CPU, or on a collection of physically adjacent CPUs, to increase the chances of obtaining data from the processor cache, instead of incurring time delays by having to go to main memory for data".

Planned availability date is third quarter of 2013.

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