Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Redbooks revisited

I've noticed recently that there are a couple of new things on Redbooks that might be interesting to know.

First of all, it's nice to see that you can now also download redbooks in EPUB format.

This means you can read these publications also on an E-reader. This might of course also be your iPad or your smartphone. I guess. I'm not all that familiar with this world. Yet. But I know, lots of you are by now.

Second there seems to be a new type of Redbooks called Redbooks - Point-of-View publications.
(...) brief, strategy-oriented documents that represent an author's perspective on a particular technical topic. Written by senior IBM subject matter experts, the publications examine current industry trends, directions, and emerging technologies. They further outline how you can address business challenges with specific approaches, and explain the business value that your company or organization may gain by choosing the highlighted solution.
At about 5 pages in length, Point-of-View publications typically include solution highlights, a description of the problems being addressed, proposed solutions, and references for additional reading.
You'll find an overview of some over here.

But while I'm at it, let me also point out that that's not the only novelty at Redbooks we've seen introduced in recent times :
Point-of-View publications are one of the latest offerings from IBM Redbooks, which recently expanded its offerings to include video interviews, tutorials, and 3-minute Redbooks overviews; blogging on blogs; IBM Redbooks Product Guides; IBM Redbooks Solution Guides; and more.
As I always say, just check it out !

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