Friday, March 22, 2013

IBM Software Product Compatibility Reports

You've surely noticed I haven't been that prolific over the past months. I guess it's just the story we see a lot these days. Do more with less (time). So I have other things up my alley than just mainframe. But, once a mainframe blogger, always a mainframe blogger, no ? So I've kept some links, I'd still like to share with you in the coming posts. I guess some stuff might be a bit outdated for those who follow everything closely. But if I only come to have a good look at them now, and get rid of the rubbish, perhaps it's the first time you see them too.

So, let's start with something useful. Here's a site that can give you a lot of information : Software Product Compatibility Reports. The name says it all.

As you can see on the screenshot (click on it for a larger view) there's a lot of possiblities. You can check compatibility with operating systems, you can ask for prerequisites, you can even ask for End of Service dates.

Let's put it to the test with CICS TS 5.1. I click on the first report and if you follow with me yourself you'll see that you'll get a screen where you can give in your software. I just put CICS, press the search button and I get a list of CICS products. I select CICS Transaction Server and the system asks me for a version. I select '5.1' and click the 'submit' button. Result : you have to have z/OS 1.13 for it.

All the reports work a bit the same way. I also kind of like the End of Service Report. There you can create an entire list of softwares with their different versions. What's nice is that you can export that list. Every once in a while you can come back here and you just import your list and see if anything has changed. Here's an example. You can decide the beginning date yourself. Once again, click on it for a clear view.

Just go and try some of the other options. I've got this one bookmarked, for sure.

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