Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Red Alert : PTF UK91435 required for DB2 10 for z/OS in a Data Sharing environment

Here's a new Red Alert. I'm just taking over the content.

PTF UK91435 (APAR PM79520) is required for DB2 10 for z/OS customers in a Data Sharing environment

The subject PTF addresses a potential data loss in a DB2 10 Data Sharing environment.

The problem is related to lost spacemap updates in Data Sharing. Data modifications (insertions, mass deletions) may have been lost, and if so, will not be recoverable by standard recovery procedures. The modifications will remain recorded on the DB2 recovery log and can be recovered using tools such as the Log Analysis Tool. Rebuilding the index will make the Index consistent with the data but will not recover data that is missing nor attend to erroneously present data. The same is true of reorganizing the object. If in the interest of system availability indexes are rebuilt or the data is reorganized prior to determining if there is data loss, it is recommended that this action be followed with analysis and possible remedial action as outlined below.

Possible symptoms include: Incorrect output; ABEND04E RC00C90101, RC00C90102, RC00C90105, or RC00C902xx in various CSECTs; data/index inconsistencies reported by the CHECK INDEX utility; and, page regression reported by the DSN1LOGP utility.

Recommended Actions:
IBM recommends that all DB2 10 for z/OS Data Sharing customers apply PTF UK91435 as soon as possible.

Customers may validate their data by using CHECK INDEX or CHECK DATA utilities. Any issues uncovered should be reported to IBM Software Support to determine root cause. The data may not be recoverable by standard recovery procedures.

Refer to the cover letter for UK91435 for further details regarding this issue.

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