Tuesday, June 18, 2013

IBM Total Solutions Event Brussels Forum 24-25/09/2013

I thought I might already send out a reminder for this annual Total Solutions Event at the Brussels Forum in September. So you can make all necessary arrangements before the holidays.

What's it about ?
If you're a Benelux customer and you want to keep up to date about all things mainframe then you should take the time for this conference. A wide audience is targeted as there are tracks for managers, architects, software developers and technical people. The emphasis is on the software side but there's is also a pure technical track on System z. Let me give you an overview of the tracks :
  • TRACK 1 - Trends in Enterprise Computing
  • TRACK 2 - Achitecting System z-centric Enterprise
  • TRACK 3 - Increasing your Business agility with new Industry Solutions on System z
  • TRACK 4 - Creating Business Value with the latest System z Technology
  • TRACK 5 - Extending, transforming and growing your Transaction Processing Applications
  • TRACK 6 - Making your IT infrastructure smarter
  • TRACK 7 - Increasing Productivity and Time to Marketing with the latest Application Development Solutions
  • TRACK 8 - Staying ahead of Today´s Data and Information Management Challenges Architectures
Where : IBM Brussels Forum
When : 24-25 September 2013. Unfortunately the event has been reduced to two days now.
You can already register over here.
The full agenda will be added later.

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