Monday, June 3, 2013

Updated alerts for Red Alert APAR OA42277

Last week I posted on a 'Red Alert : Potential loss of data for DB2 v10 users on z/OS 1.12 and 1.13'. Now there are two updates on this Alert.
You can check them out over here :
I'm taking over the content of this last Red Alert.


An error has been discovered in a Pre Req for Red Alert APAR OA42277

Potential loss of access to data in DB2 or MQSeries Log data sets greater than 2gb on z/OS 1.12, 1.13 after application of PTF's UA68675 & UA68676 for APAR OA39870 and base z/OS 2.1.


Any application using the RBA interface to Media Manager accessing Extended Format (EF) VSAM data sets greater than 2gb may lose access to the data past 2gb. Applications using the relative CI interface are not affected. Data sets defined with Extended Addressability are also not affected. This includes all current versions of DB2 and MQSeries and potentially other users of Media Manager's RBA Interface to access EF VSAM Data Sets greater than 2gb, such as IMS FastPath DEDB and other utility programs which may access these data sets.

A usermod/method is currently being developed to be able to access the data above 2gb.

Please see APAR OA42425 for more details.

Recommended Actions:

  1. Do not install PTF's for Red Alert APAR OA42277 or PTF's for Pre Req OA39870.
  2. To avoid the problem in Red Alert APAR OA42277, zDMF users should refrain from using zDMF until complete PTF chain can be installed. The risk of OA42277 is extremely small for those customers without zDMF.
  3. If PTF's for OA39870 are installed on z/OS 1.12 or 1.13 please remove as soon as possible.
  4. Extended format VSAM datasets greater than 2gb, such as DB2 Logs, MQ Logs and IMS FastPath DEDB, accessed with Media Manager using the RBA interface while the fix for OA39870 was installed, should be verified. Please see APAR OA42425 for instructions.
  5. Monitor APAR OA42425 for updates regarding the availability of the usermod and recovery procedures.
  6. z/OS 2.1 users will need to install the ++APAR for OA42425 when available.

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Anonymous said...

I did like the way the latest email update managed to spell "APAR" incorrectly, and use a zero instead of an o:
"Error in pre req for red alert apara 0a42277"