Wednesday, July 24, 2013

zEC12 and zBC12 : new 2:1 ratio for zIIPs

I already have to correct my previous post on one point. And thanks to Willie Favero (@wfavero) for pointing this out. I was always told that when something is not in the announcement, it doesn't exist. But since it is mentioned in the IBM press release and it's not April 1, it must be true.

There is a new 2:1 ratio for zIIPs and zAAPs on the zEC12 and zBC12.

This means that on the H06 model you can now have 2 CPs and e.g. 4 zIIPs or on the H13 you can have 4CPs and 8 zIIPs. Nice, isn't it ? But apparently it's only for the zEC12 and zBC12 and it's not for previous generations. So here's an updated illustration as well.

I'm planning to do a couple of more posts today on the other announcements that were issued yesterday. So, stay tuned !

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