Thursday, October 10, 2013

ITSO System z World Tour 2013

It's that time of year again : "The IBM ITSO System z World Tour 2013 offers five one-day technical workshops to help you plan, design for and use the new features and upgrades available in IBM System z software and hardware. For over 20 years, ITSO has delivered these exclusive, one-day technical update seminars for IT professionals".

You can find more information on the tour on this page. At the right hand side you can also check whether the tour also stops in your country. Below I'm listing out the sessions and dates for Belgium.

IBM zEnterprise System Technical Update (zEC12, zBC12, zBX)09/12Info&Registration
IBM z/OS Technical Update 10/12Info&Registration
IBM Parallel Sysplex and High Availability11/12Info&Registration
IBM DB2 for z/OS and Query Accelerator12/12Info&Registration
Using IBM z/VM Latest Version and IBM Linux on System z Advanced Topics13/12Info&Registration

Mind you, but you know this of course, these are not for free.

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