Tuesday, February 25, 2014

IBM Wave for z/VM - Nice introductory video

Well, yesterday a couple of links weren't working, but the Data Sheet and the Redbook (draft) on installation, implementation and exploitation of IBM Wave for z/VM are available by now. And I must say, the redbook looks pretty impressive covering every thinkable topic on IBM Wave. Here's a small summary of its contents
  • Part 1. Architecture and installation
    • Chapter 1. Introduction to IBM Wave for z/VM
    • Chapter 2. IBM Wave for z/VM architecture
    • Chapter 3. Planning and design
    • Chapter 4. Installation and configuration
  • Part 2. Using IBM Wave for z/VM
    • Chapter 5. How to manage and operate the user interface environment
    • Chapter 6. How to manage z/VM
    • Chapter 7. How to manage the Linux virtual machines
There's also a great introductory video on IBM Wave on that same page. I don't think the authors will mind my embedding it here.

So, lots of good materials to give you an introduction or to get you started on IBM Wave for z/VM.

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