Thursday, July 9, 2015

FLASH: Info Letter: Changes to ECC broadband callhome server IP addresses

This Flash concerns the call home function of the TSSC (TS3000 System Console), which is the console that's used for IBM tape products like the TS3500 Tape Library (3584), the TS7700 Virtualization Engine, the TS7650 Deduplication product(s) ... If you want a clear introduction to the TSSC and the Electronic Customer Care & Assist On Site, you can find a very good presentation by Joachim Müller over here.

ECC is used "to provide broadband connectivity for both Dial-in and/or Dial-out for the attached Tape Products. While TS3000 supports modem attachment for Dial-in and Dial-out as well, broadband connectivity is the recommended method in todays infrastructure".

Now, what's the Flash about ? I'm taking over most of the content

The IP addresses for some of the ECC target server are being changed. 

As documented in the IBM Data Protection & Retention (DP&R) System Connectivity and Security Whitepaper v2.10 from 4/16, one server will be discontinued and replaced by a new server, for both basic ECC callhome as well as ECC Edge callhome.
--> This link doesn't seem to work, so try V2.20 of the document over here.

Solution (Procedure):
Customer network configuration may need to be updated in order to allow the ECC client running on TSSC to be able to connect to the new server IP address through the customer firewall or proxy server.
Failure to update firewall/proxy rules may eventually result in failure to successfully call home.
Note: No changes are required to TSSC configuration itself. Updated ECC configuration is downloaded by the callhome process automatically.

For completeness, here are the products that are affected
  • TS3500 Tape Library (3584)
  • TS7700 Virtualization Engine)
  • TS7650 Deduplication Appliance (3958-AP1) ProtecTIER Appliance Edition
  • TS7650G Deduplication Gateway (3958-DD1-5) ProtecTIER Enterprise Edition

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Anonymous said...
These are also used by the z Systems HMC's too, with the new coming online