Wednesday, July 29, 2015

IBM z/OS V2R2 officially announced

On Tuesday IBM announced z/OS 2.2 : 'IBM z/OS Version 2 Release 2 -- Fueling the digital enterprise (ZP15-0369)'. Let me give you some general statements about this new release and it's obvious you will get the most out of it when you're on a z13.
"Exceptional service levels for scalable environments and clouds
z/OS enhancements leverage the new z13 chip multithreading design, vector processing, and huge amounts of memory to help with throughput, performance, and latency

Enable analytics with information management, storage, and delivery
Data serving is promoted to a new level with new I/O capabilities designed for throughput and autonomics, enhanced vector processing support, and memory scalability designed to improve performance

Deliver a trusted and resilient system of record
With its legendary security and support for the most highly regulated industries, z/OS V2.2 is designed to help you build public key infrastructure services, serves as your secured data vault, helps you meet regulatory requirements, and can help reduce operational risk

Capture the potential of the mobile enterprise
With new capabilities on near real time, you can understand customer sentiment, analyze information for more targeted insight, conduct transactions with a mobile device, and serve customers across the globe"
 z/OS 2.2 together with the z13 is positioned as thé modern platform ready for future innovations at your shop.

When we look at the prerequisites, you have to be on z10 or later in order to be able to run z/OS 2.2.

z/OS 2.2 becomes available on September 30, 2015. If you're on z/OS 1.13 or z/OS 2.1 you can upgrade directly to z/OS 2.2 with full coexistence, migration, and fallback support. If you're on z/OS 1.12 you will have to pass through z/OS 2.1. You can still order z/OS 2.1 (as I already pointed out in a previous post) until January 25, 2016.

And for all the fascinating technical details, just check out the announcement itself !

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