Monday, February 15, 2016

141 cores on a z13 ? Wrong ! It's actually 808 !

Sometimes you just have to hit the right slide in order to see things in perspective. We're always telling you about the PUs that are available in a system. E.g. the z13 has 141 PUs that can be used by the user. And actually we know that there are more. You have the SAPs that are taking care of all I/O between the PUs and the I/O cage, but there are more. That's why I've come to like this slide so much : it gives you some insight under the covers ànd it's great publicity for z Systems.

Just click on the picture for a larger version

I guess a picture says more than a thousand words. I let this one lingering about on my desk, it's a great conversation starter. Especially of course with non mainframe people. Just print it out on an A3 page, make some publicity for our platform and let me know what reactions you are getting !

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