Monday, February 8, 2016

Notice to TS7700 customers to update TS7700 Licensed Machine Code to current levels

Pfew, my first post for 2016, I've been so busy that I didn't find the time for blogging. But don't think you get rid of me that easily. Not with my 10th blogging anniversary coming up in September.

Well, let me start off with a Flash on TS7700 that you can find over here.


IBM advises all TS7700 customers to update to TS7700 Licensed Machine Code release 2.1 or higher. As of July 31, 2016, IBM will no longer provide code updates on TS7700 machine code levels up to and including release 2.0 (8.20.0.x).


Although IBM will no longer develop and distribute code updates to TS7700 Licensed Machine Code levels R2.0 and earlier as of July 31, 2016, IBM will continue to provide customers who have a valid IBM hardware maintenance agreement (“HWMA”) for this product with replacement parts, application of available microcode upgrades, and technical assistance regarding routine, short duration installation, usage, and code-related questions (in accordance with the terms of the HWMA). Request Price Quotes (RPQ) will no longer be reviewed for TS7700 machine code levels prior to release 2.1.

Upgrade and replacement paths may be available to enable the continued usage of existing hardware with R2.1 or later supported code levels. Contact your account representative for assistance.

Following is a list of downlevel machine code and affected Machine Types and Models.
Machine Code levels and affected Machine Types/Models
As of July 31, 2016, IBM will no longer provide code updates for the following TS7700 machine code
where x is any available fix level for the release
Machine Types/Models that are capable of running one or more of the machine code levels referenced above:
Machine Type Model Description
3957 VEA IBM TS7720 Server
3957 VEB IBM TS7720 Server
3957 V06 IBM TS7740 Server
3957 V07 IBM TS7740 Server
3956 CC6 IBM TS7740 Cache Controller
3956 CX6 IBM TS7740 Cache Drawer
3956 CC7 IBM TS7740 Cache Controller
3956 CX7 IBM TS7740 Cache Module
3956 CC8 IBM TS7740 Cache Controller
3956 CS7 IBM TS7720 SATA Cache Controller
3956 XS7 IBM TS7720 SATA Cache Module
3956 CS8 IBM TS7720 Cache Controller

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