Tuesday, November 14, 2006

SMF Reference Summary

Cheryl Watson is a well-known authority in the IBM mainframe world. Though I must admit that her "Cheryl Watson's TUNING Letter" is way too expensive for me. But still, I findit worthwile to check out her site once in a while. There's a nice Article section of which especially the presentations are worth a look. There's e.g. the "Hot Flashes" that always start off with some survey questions like who's running what version of z/OS, who's using a zAAP or a zIIP etc. The last issue is Hot Flashes #16 dating from August 18, 2006.
Coming back to the title of this post. There's a nice PDF on the site which gives a brief description of SMF records : "Cheryl Watson's SMF Reference Summary. A useful document, though I find the title page with picture and all a little over the top. Perhaps, we Europeans, have a little more down to earth approach on these matters.

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