Tuesday, November 21, 2006

z/Journal New Edition

z/Journal has just released its new edition. I've subscribed to the digital edition some time ago (PDF - print only available in the USA). And I must say each time there are some interesting articles. Some examples :
  • "Top Ten Ways To Waste CPU Using DB2",
  • "Linux Worst Practices : What Not To Do"
  • "Understanding Workload Manager : Analyzing Velocity Goals"
  • "10 Ways To Improve RACF Performance
The main article is "Storage Wars, The Attack Of The Tapes" describing how mainframe backup solutions fit into an open enterprise. What are the technical evolutions ? What about protection against tape loss or loss of personal information ? And related to this : what about encryption ?. The opening sentence sets the tone for a nice article by Brandon Hoff : "With the rapid growth of Web commerce, enterprises are struggling to provide storage solutions that are continuously available, satisfy peak demands, and manage storage growth while protecting data from malicious attacks".
You can subscribe to the digital z/Journal edition over here.

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