Thursday, November 9, 2006

Techdocs : IBM Technical Sales Library

As I have not much news for the moment I would like to draw your attention to a site I really visit regularly : the IBM Technical Sales Library, briefly Techdocs. Do not be misguided by the 'Sales' word, as you'll find lots of helpful technical information, white papers, tools etc. on this page. For example zPCR, the sizing tool when performing an upgrade can be downloaded from Techdocs. Lots of information on recent announcements can be found there. I already mentioned the 3584 slot calculator and a white paper on the zIIP in previous posts.
What I do is just get over there once a week and hit the 'Latest updates' button (right side of the screen). This week there's a technical presentation on the implementation of the new Server Time Protocol : STP z/OS considerations.
I'd say : just check it out !

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