Thursday, January 18, 2007

IBM Mainframe Discussion List

You might've noticed that my list of links is (in view of the subject of this blog) rather short. That's because I've seen lots of blogs flooded with links, and no one has the courage to wade through them. I could easily put tens and tens of links, but I've chosen to build this up gradually, each time giving a little explanation when I'm adding a new link.
Today it's the "IBM Mainframe Discussion List". I guess any person who's doing system related work on the mainframe knows it. For those who don't : the list is thé community of z/OS system engineers exchanging thoughts and problems on anything related to z/OS in particular and mainframe in general. You might compare it with the forums we all know on the net, but this system is set up via e-mail. You subscribe to the list and you get every post via e-mail and you can participate in the discussions. If you don't want to be flooded with mails you can e.g. ask to group them and have them sent once a day. If you don't know this list, you should really go and take a look. I suggest you start with the archives to give you an overall idea of the list. It's also a good starting point when you want to ask a question. It might've been treated before.

Some items I've covered here were also covered in the discussion list (e.g. new software pricing) - correlating dry announcements with real-life situations and comments.

Of course there are more discussion lists than just this one. I only mention a couple of them :

If you want to search for others you can go to the L-Soft List Search Page.

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