Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Kristine Harper's Newbie Blog

In one of my former posts discussing the mainframe making its comeback I mentioned an article on the 23 year old Kristine Harper illustrating there are still young people interested in the mainframe. Kristine is also Project Manager of zNextGen. zNextGen is co-sponsored by IBM and Share and is "a brand new user-driven community for new and emerging IT professionals focused on mainframe computing. (...) The expressed goal of the zNextGen community is to serve as the gateway for newcomers to leverage the experience of mainframe veterans and expedite their professional development in this crucial segment of the IT workforce." I also just found out that Kristine has her own 'Newbie Blog'. Her most recent post is on Assembler Myths Dispelled!.
Once again, I'd say, just check it out !

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