Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Edition of z/Journal

I've mentioned the previous edition of z/Journal and I've just received the December-January edition. I thought I might mention it once again, as they always have some interesting articles. If you want to stay informed on the next editions of z/Journal I suggest you subscribe to the digital edition over here (PDF - print only available in the USA).
The main article this time is a threat we're all aware of but we rarely pay enough attention to it. Perhaps because most of us are also in that corner. It's about "Priviliged users and the Mainframe". Starting point of the article : "A recent insider threat survey, conducted by the U.S. Secret Service and CERT, confirms that the insider threat usually comes from technical or priviliged users".
Some other interesting articles : "CICS TS 3.1 Debugging Background & Guiding", "Enhancing Efficiency with Mainframe Virtualization : Enter Linux on the mainframe" and "Reorg Rebalance DB2 for z/OS V8 Utility enhancement" (This article "examines the REBALANCE option, a utility enhancement in V8 you can use to make REORG automatically rebalance the data in your partitions").

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