Tuesday, March 20, 2007

GSE z/OS Working Group presentations

Last week there was a GSE z/OS Working Group meeting. Perhaps because I'm not that familiar with the topics any more, I found the presentations on CICS connectivity and IMS connectivity to be very interesting. I'm no longer writing applications myself for the moment, but it keeps surprising me how well 'old' technologies as CICS and IMS keep up the pace with new developments e.g. nearly flawlessly integrating into the whole SOA story. And I cannot resist repeating the quote from Enterprise Systems Journal you must've seen before : "The irony is that host applications are probably better suited for exposure as part of an SOA than many applications based on more modern 4GL objectoriented languages, said Phil Murphy, a principal analyst with consultancy Forrester Research, in an interview last year".
You can dowload the presentations at the Download section of the GSE z/OS Working Group webpage.

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