Wednesday, March 14, 2007

IMS Newsletter

I would like to draw your attention to the IMS Newsletter. It appears every three months and it usually features one or two main articles, some info on upcoming events, a summary of the latest redbooks on IMS related topics and all 'Hot Websites' on IMS. The latest issue e.g. covers 'IMS and IBM's SOA Foundation of Products', 'GRS Performance Observations' and 'Enhancements to the IMS Information Center'. You can e.g. find back issues of the IMS Newsletter in the IMS Information Center. You find the same information on the IMS Newsletter page. Subscribing is possible via an online form or you by sending an e-mail to requesting a subscription.
Next to that there's also a "Receive recent IMS News" button on the IMS page (under Communities on the right side of the page). If you fill out the form you'll receive the latest IMS announcements in your inbox.
Nice personal touch to the IMS newsletter : the Editor-in-Chief hides his children's pictures somewhere in the newsletter. If you email the locations, you receive the one and only IBM IMS pin !

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