Tuesday, March 6, 2007

IBM DB2 V9.1 officially announced

On my last post almost two weeks ago, I promised to be back today with "some new posts". After more than a week of absence, I must admit I didn't find the time to write any new posts. Still, I have to mention at least this one. It's official, DB2 V9 is announced and GA is on march 16, 2007. For a short description of DB2 V9, I would like to refer to a previous post : DB2 V9 for z/OS : How close to announcement. Of course there's also an announcement on the DB2 tools as e.g. the DB2 Utilities Suite for z/OS, V9.1 (5655-N97).
Here's the URL to the IBM DB2 V9 page. Don't go searching for manuals yet, as Roger Miller (IBM) states in the DB2 discussion list : "The books usually get there only at GA, so we have another 10 days".
Simultaneously today, CA also announced "Support for IBM DB2 9 VIPER for z/OS". Earlier on I already mentioned CA announced broad support for zIIP engines. CA now mentions in their announcement that three of those are in fact DB2 database management tools.

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