Tuesday, June 26, 2007

IBM Redbooks in Second Life: Meet the Authors event

I wrote about Second Life a couple of weeks ago and this might be a nice occasion to pick up the thread again - or to step in. This is the second 'Meet the Authors' event in a couple of weeks. What's it about ? IBM brings out a new Redbook, in this case still a draft : 'WebSphere Portal for z/OS Version 6'. Up to now the Redbooks were announced in the Redbook Newsletter, you could read a short description at the page of the book itself and decide whether or not to read the book. With this particular redbook IBM is presenting "IBM WebSphere Portal Enable for z/OS Version , which is a combination of all the rich functionality provided by IBM WebSphere Portal for Multi Platforms and the Qualities of Service provided by the z/OS platform. The information in this book is based on experiences gained during an ITSO Proof of Concept in which we installed and configured WebSphere Portal on z/OS in a high available and secure environment".

What's new : you can now have a chat with the authors of the redbook in Second Life : "At this informal, online event in the Second Life virtual world, you can ask questions and discuss WebSphere Portal and Redbooks topics with subject matter experts while experiencing the unique atmosphere of the new virtual IBM Support Library in Second Life. You’ll also receive a free special edition T-shirt for your avatar and other freebies". Unfortunately you can't wear the T-shirt IRL (in real life). Still, I'm looking forward to attend one of these events, even if it's only out of shere curiosity. What's attractive is that the threshold to get into contact with the authors is lower than it would normally be. So I guess this might turn out te be a nice initiative.

The details : it takes place June 28, from 10:00 to 11:00 EDT (4PM-5PM in Belgium) in the IBM Support Library in Second Life. Check out all the details over here.

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