Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Redbook : DB2 9 for z/OS Technical Overview

I don't know if all readers of this blog are familiar with the work of Frank Zappa. No, he's not a system engineer or a mainframe guru, but a musician. Every time I start a topic on DB2, one particular song of his comes to my mind : "You are what you is". That's exactly the reason why I'm paying more attention to DB2 than e.g. to Websphere. I've been into DB2 programming and DB2 adminstration for almost 20 years now. So, allthough most of my time goes to System z presales, I'm still 'dba-ing' from time to time and following the scene closely.
So here's 'DB2 9 for z/OS Technical Overview' a redbook (draft) giving you an overview of the new DB2 version for z/OS. "Its scope is to help DB2 for z/OS users understand the functions offered by DB2 9, justify their investment in installing or migrating, and start planning for prerequisites in exploiting the key new capabilities". As I was writing this post, I saw Willie Favero had already covered it too in his blog, and according to him it's not a draft anymore, as it's nowhere mentioned in the book itself.
Well it's nearly 600 pages but it looks quite thorough. I've just browsed through the XML section and it gives lots of useful information and examples going through every detail. I think, this will become a valuable work of reference.

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