Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Redbook : Implementing Rexx Support in SDSF

Dolmen is hosting the three-monthly meeting of the Belgian GSE (Guide Share Europe) zOS working group. The latest was last week and we also had a 'z/OS 1.9 Preview' presentation. If you're interested you can find it (amongst some other presentations) on the download page of the Belgian GSE z/OS Working group site. One of the things that was mentioned was the new System REXX. You can now run REXX outside of TSO via programming interface or operator command. One of the uses of System REXX is that the Health Checker now support checks written in System REXX.
The redbook 'Implementing REXX support in SDSF' (still a draft) how REXX support has been added to SDSF in z/OS 1.9. "This function provides the ability to access SDSF panel data through REXX variables. In addition, the data can be modified in a manner similar to SDSF action characters and overtypes. SYSOUT data sets can be browsed using EXECIO or printed using SDSF functions. This book describes the new support and provides sample REXX execs that exploit the new function." The Redbook provides lots of samples so that you can immediately (well, not before september) try out lots of "real-world tasks related to operations, systems programming, system administration, and automation".

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