Wednesday, November 14, 2007

BT : Upcoming events Belgium

As you noticed in a previous post I'm using the 'BT' in the title to refer to an exclusive 'Belgian Topic' content. I would like to point out some interesting upcoming events towards the end of this year.

21/11/2007 GSE Working Group
GSE z/OS Working Group Meeting at Dolmen CA Huizingen
  • z/OS System REXX and REXX SDSF - by Jan Tits (IBM)
  • IBM consolidates 3900 servers to Mainframes - by Jean-Paul Goemaere (IBM)
  • IBM Tape recent updates - by Walter Casteels (IBM)
  • GDPS/PPRC HyperSwap Manager at KBC - by Luc Martens & Paul Nys (KBC)

04-05/12/2007 Proof of Technology
Security Management with Tivoli zSecure at the Brussels IBM Forum
This is a two day Proof of Technology about the former Consul Suite now called Tivoli zSecure : " Security administrators face serious challenges in protecting the company’s sensitive data. IT staff are challenged to provide detailed audit and controls documentation (...) That’s where the IBM Tivoli® zSecure suite comes in. You will experience how this comprehensive suite can help enhance the security of mainframe systems by automating administration and audit processes —and ease the burden of compliance measures along the way". Topics covered are zSecure Alert, zSecure Audit, zSecure Admin, zSecure Command Verifier, zSecure Visual and zSecure CICSToolkit.

/12/2007 GSE Working Group
GSE IMS/DB2 Working Group Meeting at KBC Leuven

  • Introduction
  • Replacement of SMU security @ KBC (Johan Vanermen, KBC group)
  • Business Integration of your IMS assets (Hélène Lyon, IBM )
  • Presentation given by BMC Software (more info later)
I already mentioned the following last two events in my previous post.
But now there's a link to register for the z/OS University.

26-30/11/2007 z/OS University
z/OS University at the Brussels IBM Forum
The z/OS University in Brussels (free of charge) is a great opportunity to introduce young people or people with no experience on the mainframe to the z/OS platform. The 5-day course is based on the 'Introduction to the New Mainframe: z/OS Basics'.

03-07/12/2007 ITSO Workshops
ITSO workshops at the Brussels IBM Forum

These workshops are given by the top specialists for each subject. It's each time a one day workshop with the following subjects : z/OS 1.9, Parallel Sysplex, System z Hardware, System z Security and System z Networking.

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