Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Storage Administration z/OS Pocket Reference 1.8

I got to know this Pocket Reference of DTS software from one of Cheryl Watsons 'Hot Flashes'. Every system engineer dealing with any aspect of Storage Administration will find this reference useful. It's amazing how many useful information you can stack in a 30-page document. Some of the aspects covered : DASD Device information, Volume Mounting and Usage, Blocksizes and Capacities, Dataset Limits, DFSMSdss and DFSMShsm information, useful Console Commands, RACF information, VSAM/IDCAMS information, SMS subsystem information, SYS1 Parmlib members and many more.
I know most of this stuff can easily be found on the internet as well, but I still can imagine some situations where this pocket reference might come in handy ;)

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