Friday, November 2, 2007

No posts for a couple of days

Well, I'm taking a break. Yesterday was All Saints' Day, today I'm making the bridge and I'm taking some extra days next week. So my next post won't be before Monday November 12, 2007.

You've already noticed I don't leave you stranded entirely when I'm off for a couple of days. This time no movies from Youtube, but this little game that was conceived by some CA people (I guess) : the Mainframe Guru. You've tested your IQ . . . and your EQ now it's time to test your MQ (Mainframe Quotient). Try to outwit your colleagues and feel free to drop in a comment with your scores. Mine was 1200 the first time I played it, but the high-score is over 3000 !?

I have to thank Marcel den Hartog (CA) for referring to this little game in his very nice presentation he gave at a combined CICS/DB2 GSE meeting. You can find his presentation '10 reasons to fall in Love with the Mainframe' over here, along with some other nice presentations and customer stories on the topic of rethinking the role of the mainframe. More holiday reading !
Just check them out !

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