Friday, December 14, 2007

The Boss and Prince

No, not my boss, but THE one and only BOSS. Ok, ok, I'm a little off topic here, but I went to see The Boss last Wednesday night - on my birtday ! I can't imagine a better present to get from my wife. For those not getting it : Bruce Springsteen.

I've been a lucky guy this year : I've seen two of my favorite artists in action and I guess they're two of the best performing artists of the moment, if not, ever. Don't ask me to compare Prince and Bruce, because you can't. Prince is by far the better musician, playing nearly every instrument better than Bruce and the E-street band but then again Bruce is the rocker pur sang playing with an enthusiam that "rips the bones from your back". Check out the review over here : Just scroll down a bit, cause newer reviews are added.

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