Thursday, December 6, 2007

Software withdrawal IBM System z Products

This week there was also an announcement for the withdrawal from marketing of some System z software : 'Software Withdrawal: Selected IBM System z Products - Some Replacements Available'. It includes the Withdrawal from Marketing for Tivoli and Websphere products, DB2, IMS and CICS Tools. Most of them will be withdrawn March 2008.
This also includes the WDFM of NALC pricing only for z/OS. From April 2008 onwards you will only be able to chose for zNALC pricing.
Another date that's changed (again) is the WDFM of RSCS. First it was September 2007, then it became September 2008 but now it's been fixed to May 26, 2008. RSCS has now become an optional feature of z/VM 5.3. You can find some more information on RSCS on the IBM RSCS page.

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