Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2008

When I first came across the Arcati yearbook, I was surprised to find so many information in one document. There’s the center piece with the annual user survey, but of course you can find a lot more in this Yearbook. There are some articles on various subjects, such as (obviously) ‘Driving energy efficiency : the big green dinosaur’, ' Modernizing mainframe systems: Extend versus Migrate' and ' Integrating WebSphere Service Registry and Repository with WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus'.
The vendor directory listing vendors, consultants and service providers in the mainframe environment is a compact guide to a lot of companies. There's also a media guide for IBM mainframers listing useful links and information sources, even a few blogs and what do you know I’m getting a reference too. Thanks, guys !
It concludes with a glossary, the history of the operating systems, a 1952-2007 mainframe timeline and z9 tables including MSUs, MIPS and MSU/MIPS ratio.

Costs for legacy software seems to be a recurring issue in the user survey for sub-500 MIPS companies. As Mark Lillycrop puts it : “This is a particular problem at the lower end of the scale, where competition from other platforms is very intense and users lack the clout to negotiate the discounts that larger sites enjoy”. As George Orwell would say "All animals are equal, but . . ."

As usual : another great effort by Arcati and a great reference for 2008.

Small note : There seems to be a little problem with the publication of the yearbook on the Arcati website. So for the moment, I'm taking over the links of yearbook editor Trevor Eddolls from his Mainframe Update blog.

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