Wednesday, February 27, 2008

z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #18

I thought the new Hot Topics Newsletter was put on hold until after the z10 announcement because some articles would be about the System z10. But no, the z10 isn't even mentioned in the newsletter. But don't panic, there's plenty of other, interesting stuff to read : the recurring theme of this issue is RAS : it talks e.g. about stand-alone dumps ('A SAD movie with a happy ending', got it ?). But really there's too much to sum it all up : migration to z/OS 1.9, 'z/OS on a green machine' on the benchmark performance of System z servers running Java Workloads, coupling facility basics in "Easy as A-B-CF" (got that one ?), enhancements to HCD and HCM, IMS, some HowTo's, an overview of the new reusable online JCL collection etc. etc.

As I always say : just check it out !

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