Friday, February 8, 2008

Sampling Techdocs : Januari 2008 - December 2007

Here we go for another round of Techdocs documents. I don’t see that many interesting stuff to me in Januari, but that’s most likely because I tend to focus on operating systems, hardware, storage and some db2. If I’d have to make one good intention for 2008, I’ll try to get some more grip on the Websphere, Tivoli and Rational products. Don’t hold this against me if you haven’t seen much change by the end of the year. Or perhaps : just do !

  • Technical Document : Guide for Upgrading z/VM from one version to another
    If you read it it’s plain and simple. What are the steps ? "Install the new z/VM operating system at 2nd level. Separate the userids on the current system which will be discarded, versus those that will be kept. Identify system configuration changes implemented on the current system. Merge userids into new system directory, merge changes from current system into new system. TEST NEW SYSTEM at 2nd Level. Shutdown current system, then IPL new system".

  • Presentation : Installation of OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux PowerPoint Presentation
    More and more people are turning to z/VM for the first time because they start to implement Linux on the mainframe. I’m also sure more and more people will start to love this platform. This document shows how to install OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux because there’s a need for monitoring these systems. It’s kind of a step by step instruction set and it also refers to some other resources on this topic.

  • White Paper : DS8000 HyperPAV UCB and Alias Analysis Case Study
    HyperPAV has been around since 2006 but I must say it’s not the easiest of things to get to grips with. Here’s a white paper which starts off with a clear explanation on IO queueing, PAV and HyperPAV functionality. It explains the requirements, implementation and migration towards HyperPAV. The main part of the document is a case study explaining the analysis methodology from data collection to analysis output with lots of examples and graphs.

  • Flash : IBM System Storage DS8000 FlashCopy SE Implementation Considerations and Recommendations
    Here’s another document on a long-awaited new functionality on the DS8000 box : Space Efficient FlashCopy. It allows for the first time the target capacity to be smaller than the full capacity of the source volumes. The 8 p. flash gives a good description of FlashCopy SE, where to use it, recommendations on how to implement and configure it and for some of those who already figured everything out for themselves some recommendations on how not to configure it.

  • Technical Document : Installing Oracle 10g on SLES10 Linux on System z
    This document walks you through everything you need to know for this installation giving examples and screenshots of an actual installation. Topics are Overview, Base System Requirements, RPM Package Requirements, Memory Requirements, Kernel parameter activation, Userid and group accounts, Shell Limits, Security Issues, Profile settings, Installing the Oracle 10g binaries, Install of Patches and Instance Database build.

  • White Paper : TS7700 Copy Export V1.1
    More new storage functions with the Copy Export Function on the Virtualization Engine. “For customers that do not require the recovery times that can be obtained in a Grid configuration, a new function called Copy Export is being introduced for the TS7700. With Copy Export, logical volumes written to a TS7700 can be removed from the TS7700 and taken to an offsite location to be used for disaster recovery”. This document gives a great overview of this function with all steps of the implementation, management and processing on both sides with examples of definitions, commands, error messages . . .

As I always say : just check them out !

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