Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some more elements on the z10 announcement

I’ve been reading some documents about the announcement of the System z10. So I would like to share some bits of information I came across that might be useful. They’re not related, they just caught my attention for one or other reason. Most come from the FAQ and the System z Functional Matrix.
  • z/OS Global Mirror is enabled for the zIIP. Specifically z/OS DFSMS allows most System Data Mover (SDM) processing associated with z/OS Global Mirror to be eligible to run on the zIIP
  • IBM plans to enhance the XML Toolkit for z/OS (5655-J51) so eligible workloads can use z/OS XML System Services. This allows eligible XML Toolkit processing for non-validating parse requests to exploit the zAAP”.
  • There are no additional software charges for capacity activated by CPE”.
  • On/Off CoD is available for up to twice the ‘purchased’ capacity for a given machine based on the LSPR mixed workload multi-image ITRR (Internal Throughput Rate Ratio)”.
  • Statement of Direction - an IBM z/OS Management Facility plans to provide the infrastructure, services, and user interfaces to support a modern, Web-browser based management console for z/OS. The z/OS Management Facility is intended to enable system programmers, administrators and operators to manage and administer a mainframe system by simplifying day to day operations and administration of a z/OS system. This first release of the z/OS Management Facility will provide job and process management and Parallel Sysplex management support”.
  • Statement of Direction : “IBM intends to further enhance z/VM in a future release to exploit the new System z10 EC support for a logical partition (LPAR) mode ‘z/VM’, exclusively for running z/VM. This new LPAR mode allows z/VM to utilize a wider variety of specialty processors in a single LPAR. For instance, in a z/VM mode LPAR, z/VM can manage Linux on System z guests running on IFL processors while also managing z/VSE and z/OS on central processors (CPs), and to offload z/OS system software overhead, such as DB2 workloads, on zIIPs and zAAPs”.
As you know the System z Functional Matrix indicates some ‘S’tandard and some ‘O’ptional features like e.g. these standard features : Hipersockets Layer 2 Support, Coupling Facility Shared ICF, OOCoD/CBU Automatic deactivation at expiration date, RAS features like Dynamic LCSS add, Dynamic subchannel set add, Dynamic partition add, Add/Remove Logical CP to a logical partition (< FAQ), Add/Remove cryptographic coprocessor (< FAQ), Enable I/O connections (< FAQ). Optional features : Non-Raised Floor option and OOCoD/CBU SAP.

And here’s a last one from the Technical Guide Redbook : “Future FICON features, after FICON Express4, are not intended to support auto-negotiation to 1 Gbps link data rates”.

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