Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Documentation on TS3500

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked where a customer who had bought a TS3500 and LTO4 could find information on the subject. I made a little summary of the sources I usually refer customers to. It can never harm to recapitulate them here. Perhaps some people might find this useful as well.
  • The Redbooks :
    Search terms : TS3500, 3584, LTO, Connectivity Handbook
  • Techdocs with presentations, white papers, Technical information, The Slot calculator I've mentioned a couple of times . . .
    Search terms : TS3500, 3584, LTO
  • You can always ask the SAPR guide from your IBM or Business Partner representative.
  • And of course I have to make some publicity for my own as I'm also trying to cover all news on this topic.
I know ther's much more out there, but I think these are nevertheless good starting points on this subject. I might come up with a few similar posts in the future (e.g. on the z10). It's always nice to have a good starting point in our everlasting quest for information.

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