Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Getting Started Sub-capacity Pricing for z/OS IPLA software with select Websphere Products

This is quite a mouthful for an announcement title. The entire title : IBM Getting Started Sub-capacity Pricing for z/OS IPLA software provides an attractive pricing option for starting projects with select IBM WebSphere programs (ZA08-0134).
As we know some IPLA (formerly OTC) software follows sub-capacity ruling. Now for some Websphere products IBM announces 'Getting Started Sub-capacity Pricing'. This "offers entry pricing for customers with low usage on select IBM WebSphere programs and the applicable Subscription and Support annual maintenance charge (...) Getting Started Sub-capacity Pricing offers less than the full LPAR (sub-capacity) license charge for up to 10% of the LPAR utilization consumed by the workload ". I haven't seen any prices yet and I find the explanation somewhat puzzling, but it's definitely worth checking out if you're in the target group :
Getting Started Sub-capacity Pricing helps you:
* Deploy small projects on z/OS with improved price/performance
* Provide greater software licensing flexibility by improving alignment between software use and software charges
* Increase LPAR capacity without changing software charges for a constant workload
* Transition smoothly to traditional sub-capacity pricing as workload grows
All additional information on prerequisites, planned availability and eligible products can be found in the announcement.

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