Monday, April 14, 2008

Red Alert : Sysplex-wide outage associated with PTF UA38900 or UA38901

Here's another Red Alert :

A defect was introduced by the PTFs for OA21917 (UA38900, UA38901) which can result in a sysplex-wide outage due to a full CFRM checkpoint area condition. The removal of the CFRM MSGBASED managing system may cause event management to get "stuck" on a CF structure alter event, which will eventually lead to this condition.

Note: MSGBASED processing is only possible when all systems in the sysplex are z/OS 1.8 or higher.

The problem documented in OA24563 will cause a CFRM checkpoint full condition. The impact of the full condition will cause Parallel Sysplex services to result in a RC=10x. Functions that require these services may terminate as a result. For example, all systems in a sysplex using GRS will load a wait state if IXLCONN REBUILD to ISGLOCK returns a component error which would cause a sysplex outage. Please see APAR OA24563 for more details.

Check out all the details and what recommended actions to take on the Red Alerts Page.

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