Thursday, July 3, 2008

CICS Transaction Server in your SOA

Here's an interesting publication from Andrew Bates (IBM) : 'CICS Transaction Server in your SOA, subtitled 'links to more information on the CICS ecosystem'. in fact it's set up as a presentation with links to all kinds of CICS TS related information like "Redbook publications, Whitepapers, Webcasts, Teleconferences, or other articles pertaining to the topic. Issue 3 became available in May of 2008. Updates are flagged so you can identify them easily". Here's the summary of the pages and their topics :
  • CICS Transaction Server
  • Families that support CICS
  • Enterprise Modernization and CICS
  • Tivoli® support for CICS
  • CICS Service Flow Feature
  • CICS and service oriented architecture (SOA)
  • CICS and WebSphere® Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) infrastructure
  • CICS and Business Process Management (BPM)
  • CICS and Web Services
  • CICS Transaction Gateway
  • CICS and WebSphere MQ
  • CICS and Java™
  • Channels and Containers
  • Threadsafe and open transaction environment (OTE)
  • CICSPlex® Systems Manager (SM)
  • CICS Tools
  • Problem Determination Tools
  • Rational® support for CICS
  • COBOL and CICS
If you want to be kept up to date and receive following issues, just send a mail to Andrew Bates.