Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Operation Was a Success, But the Patient Died

OK, I deliberately left out the first part of the title. It actually goes : 'IBM vs PSI : The Operation Was a Success, But the Patient Died'. The title is from an article of the IT-Jungle newsletter from July 08, 2008. By the way, you can subscribe to the newsletter over here. Yes, IBM just took over PSI last week and both companies dropped all charges against each other and both companies came out victorious, or something like that. There have been lots of comments on this acquisition and not every one seems to be as happy with this. I quote from an article on the CCIA site :
“This is a Black Hole acquisition,” said CCIA President and CEO Ed Black. “It sucks the life out of the market and destroys the matter. Transforming a market with latent potential for competition and innovation into a sector with little prospects for anything but complete domination by IBM.”
CCIA is an international, nonprofit association of computer and communications industry firms, representing a broad cross section of the industry.

Back to the article : I won't repeat its content but it gives a good overview of what happened over the last months to PSI but it also comments on FLEX-ES, Hercules and T3. So : a revised overview on mainframe emulation I already wrote about earlier.

As I always say : just check it out !

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