Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New TS1130 Tape Drive

Today, IBM announces the third generation of its 3592 technology, the new TS1130 Tape Drive, jumping ahead of the competition again. Or as the press release states : 'IBM Introduces the Industry's Fastest One Terabyte Storage Tape Drive'. For some odd reason I can't seem to read the European announcements (ZG08-0543 and ZG08-0544) yet. I'll give you an update on them as soon as they're available. For the moment I can refer to the US announcements 108-493 and 108-494.

The Highlights :
  • Native data rate of 160 MB/s as opposed to 104MB/s for the TS1120 and up to 350 MB/s at 3:1 compression.
  • It stores 1TB of uncompressed data on one cartridge.
  • It supports backward compatibility for existing 3592 cartridges : read for Gen1 and read&write for Gen2.
  • There's a MES upgrade available for the TS1120 drive.
  • It supports data encryption and key management.
  • GA : September 5, 2008.
Well, this is probable my last post before I go on holiday.
I'll be posting again from somewhere around August 18, 2008.

Here's the update on the European Announcements

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