Monday, December 1, 2008

Trekkies or Trexxers ?

The site I want to draw your attention to is The title looked a bit confusing to me until I took a look at the site.

Of course, it's T-Rexxers. It's set up as a new community site for all mainframers : " is your source for information, inquiry and debate. This is not just a website. It’s an interactive community that thrives on the contributions of mainframers across the globe". There's lots of stuff : news, a library, links, a forum, an exhaustive calendar etc. If it's kept up to date regularly, this might become a new reference site for us.

As I always say : Just check it out !


Anonymous said...

I just clicked through- this site has lots of great stuff! Let's see if they can keep it up....

Marc Wambeke said...

Well, I hope they can. What I fear the most for is the 'Forum'. It's hard to replace anything as good as the discussion lists. zJournal tried it too with their community page, but I think that one's already gone too.