Monday, February 9, 2009

BT : GSE Working Group events

For those not familiar with the blog. I use 'BT' for 'Belgian Topic' similar to e.g. 'OT' which is often used for 'Off Topic'.

As you can see on the logo Guide Share Europe (GSE) turns 50 in 2009. Or as we read on the GSE site
"In 1959, it was recognized by a small group of representatives from European companies using IBM equipment that the exchange of experiences and strategies, based on the various IBM uses, between members of similar business sectors, was of immeasurable advantage to the IBM user community.
The European organization of G.U.I.D.E. was formed and is still going strong 50 years later as GUIDE SHARE EUROPE (GSE)"
So I thought I might already give you an update on known dates for GSE Working Group Events. It's not a complete list yet, but the rest will follow in the agenda.

GSE z/OS Group : 18/03/2009, 17/06/2009, 16/09/2009 and 18/11/2009
GSE Storage Management Group : 12/03/2009 and 16/09/2009 (possible joint event with z/OS group)
GSE Enterprise Systems Security Group : 11/03/2009 (z/OS), 11/06/2009 (general), 11/09/2009 (z/OS) and 11/12/2009 (general)
GSE IMS and DB2 Group : 26/03/2009 (DB2), 24/09/2009 (DB2-SOA joint event), November 2009 (IMS)

And the 8th Regional Conference on "New Enterprise Data Center" is on April 23-24, 2009 in Spa.

Time to put your agendas up to date !

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